Why is Canadian government against it’s own people?

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5 min readApr 8, 2022
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All day we hear how we need to switch to renewables and take away our dependence on fossil fuels mainly gas (petrol).

With current Russia/ Ukraine war, gas prices have shot through the roof and is now unaffordable for many Canadian families couples with high inflation costs.

Trudeau introduced carbon tax to help the environment, so he claims. Canadians got a third time increase in Carbon tax which is now at 11 cents per liter during the pandemic time alone.

In one of his speech, he said that he understands how Canadians are suffering during these pandemic times. How nice! He then slaps us with third time increase in carbon tax, latest bring on 1st April 2022.

This increase was after the Russia/Ukraine war kicked off and gas prices were already skyrocketing before this date. Instead of cancelling the latest increase or taking it away altogether to “help Canadians”, he rewarded us with third time increase in carbon tax.

This tax has added 11 cents per liter on gas. Who is this liberal government working for? A good leader would take it away, no? And the rebate the government gives Canadians to offset the carbon tax is useless. Here is why:

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The Ripple effect

When gas prices go up, not just your direct cost of gas but your groceries, clothes, building material, clothes, everything goes up. The businesses pass down these high gas prices (transportation costs) to consumers.

The rebate is pretty much useless or saves may be pennies on a dollar, at best. With current level of inflation where food prices are well above 20%, Canadians families cannot handle anymore taxes. We are already taxed to death in this country!

If the current government really cared for the people, they would remove the Carbon tax altogether and cancel the upcoming clean fuel tax (Dec 2022 surprise!).

The Solar Roof

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