Shanghai Under Lockdowns and Everyone in the West is Mad!

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4 min readApr 10, 2022
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Not too long ago, the news came out that Shanghai has gone in lockdowns due to surging C-19 cases. China has adopted zero COVID policy and they are straight going for the kill and not letting the virus spread.

Something we have been doing for at least a year and a half before vaccines came out. But shhhhh.

Since the new came out, everyone in the western hemisphere is mad that Shanghai is in lockdowns. The news is tarnishing China’s reputation that this will cause havoc on global supply chains and major American factories have been shut down ( I don’t name names, you can google).

I ask you, what about for last two years? Now everyone is suddenly blaming Communist China?

To be clear, I am not condoning Chinese actions, I truly believe government powers to shut down are being abused here. Something that should never have been allowed.

Instead of getting mad at China’s lockdowns, it is time we hold our bureaucrats accountable for their actions of past two years. The damage caused by the lockdowns is far worse than hospital crisis. Mind you, the hospitals are in same state as they were before the pandemic. Still short of beds and ICU, still not enough nurses and doctors.

The only difference is this time is they have a huge government backing, essentially funding of millions of dollars. No new hospitals added, no new wards added and if another pandemic were to happen, I can assure you first course of action would be lockdowns again.

For two years people in North America, Europe and everywhere else were forced into lockdowns, given money to sit while small & medium businesses were getting crushed, so the hospitals stay empty. No one thought of global economy then? Surely the top bureaucrats can’t be that stupid? I mean some of them have university level education in Finance & Economics. Finance ministers and their advisers do, don’t they?

During the lockdowns, the global supply chain were thrown out of balance and it is something that will take years to come back to normal. Now that Shanghai is in lockdowns, we are mad.

I’m not condoning China’s current stance on this matter, what I am questioning is how MSM is playing this out as…

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