Hospital and the beds are owned by PE (private equity) firms , yes you read that right

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3 min readApr 3, 2022


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US has some if the biggest PE (private equity) firms in to the world. Their revenues exceeds well over billions of dollars a year, keeping their investors happy, super happy.

PE firms usually buy businesses that are struggling and turn them around after making cost cutting measures. Sometimes they sell these companies for a hefty profits or in some cases they hang on to the profit churning machine. It all depends on the market conditions. Whatever is more profitable wins.

Until 1970, almost all hospitals in US were owned either by religious organizations or some type of Charity. So it was more or less a very simple, straightforward, not so capitalistic business. They would get money through taxes and charitable donations and in return they help the sick people, Simple.

Around 1970s the PE firms started buying hospitals and hospital beds. In the last four decades the PE firms have scooped up more than 80% of hospitals in US. That changed everything.

(Look it up, the Internet is full of it)

Now every dime that hospital receives when a sick person arrives is now a profit.

Got bit by a stray cat?

Ouch! The rabies injections are not cheap. This is why your rabies injection will cost you upwards of $100,000. Because this is business, business of making money.

In the business’s of hospital ownership, oncology, emergency and maternity wards are sought after. Why is that? They are BIG money makers.

How did we get here?

Ask the politicians who you elected to speak on your behalf. They are the ones who approved these multibillion dollar buyouts. They signed on the dotted lines making hospitals a money making machine for PE FIRMS.

This all happened while you were busy figuring out your first computer. playing games on the internet, logging onto Facebook for the first time and googling the world of information. No one noticed and suddenly Healthcare premiums are 5X of what they used to be.



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