The twins had grown up on Velveen for fifteen years and heading to school they were late. The pair ran through the woods as fast as they could Varak led upfront while myself trailed behind, but the quickest way to school was through the forest instead of taking the long route on the main walkways through town.

‘Come on Devin we will be late if you move any slower,’ I shook my head I pushed to catch up with Varak

‘If you woke up on time, we would be on time for school and not running the shortcut every day’ I said, both jumped the gap over a large gorge. I Kept up the pace going much faster, using some power techniques our father trained us in to augment speed.

I looked at my brother Varak we both were identical with little differences, same height, build, black hair and sharp features as always throughout the childhood unless you look at our eyes you could mistake one for the other.

Hurling ourselves over the school wall, landing cleanly on the other side, we both saw standing before us a short round looking man with bulging eyes.

‘You two are late again get to class now’ it was our teacher Mr. Raven looking furious as always before any explanation could come out he grabbed me by the arm and Varak by his ear. That started both of us complaining Mr. Raven stopped ‘when will both of you learn that being here on time and learning from me would be a great benefit to you two,’ he released his grip ‘Devin you don’t always have to wait for your brother in the morning and Varak you won’t be able to use your brother’s brains for final exams’ he scolded us both.

Turning away, he walked furiously towards the school, I listened in on Mr. Raven thoughts ‘those damn twins from the Winter family are always late and a little unruly. They have potential, though Varak always excelled in everything physical while Devin skills were in his studies. Devin’s only drawback was being shy and allowed his loud mouth brother to get him into trouble’.

Making it to the class without further scolding’s from our teacher, we sat in the only available seats at the front Mr. Raven started the class ‘now that all of us are finally here’ glaring at Varak he was leaning back with arms behind his head and feet on the table I had pulled out my data slate, getting my head down studying the latest texts ‘have I bored you already Varak’ Raven said, Varak was about to say something, but as always his teacher was a step ahead with the use of Kensei a telekinesis power, The table Varak had his feet on suddenly moved away making Varak unstable, nearly falling backward.

The comical flailing of his arms to regain balance made the whole class laugh. Varak spat out a few curses that I didn’t get to hear because of the class laughing. Finally, he got up and resumed normal seating in a less than composed state.

Why does he pick on me all the time’ Varak using our telepathic connect this was the second ability of Kensei.

You give him an easy target not giving the Teacher the proper respect. What do you expect to happen when you keep pushing buttons’ Varak breathed out long and slow.

Why are you always like this you never on my side’ my eyes rolled at brother, he always causes trouble yet he thinks everyone should agree with him

‘It’s because you are a fool and some days you’re stupid enough to get caught’ Varak started to bristle

‘Varak Winter’ Raven only spoke your full name when fully annoyed

‘Yes, sir, ’ feeling the stare from the other side of the room ‘now seen as you’ve finished your conversation with Devin I want you to tell me the answer to the question on the board’ My brother quickly glanced at the board the symbols on the board made his face frown in confusion. I could feel Varak thoughts, shouting for help ‘what is the answer’ Raven pressed the issue.

Varak took a guess ’42.’ everyone laughed again.

Raven finally points to the subject title ‘History of the great war would have been a better answer’ he reproaches Varak. My brother’s head drop to the table with a clunk ‘I am sure your brother can help you catch up’ Varak turned and just smiled faintly.

After the failed beginning the day went by as normal from there. Varak excelled in sports, especially his favorite game Gravball he scored several times by shooting from the roof and the walls. As for myself, I went to the library to research in peace. ‘What are you learning now’ a feminine voice from the other side of my data terminal.

I smiled, it was good to hear her voice and more importantly, she always started a fire in me. I only had one problem. A total lack of social skills around girls ‘Hello Amie, it’s the history lesson from today. I wanted to know more about the great war‘ Amie leaned around the terminal dazzling me with a smile, her brown hair was pinned up in a ponytail, a couple of strands fell around her face. I am smitten with this lady, Amie is beautiful, her sharp features and dark brown eyes, they always created a magical spell over me. Making her way around to my side her scent engulfed me ‘heaven’ I thought. ‘The last known event recorded was a species called Grismon appearing on Nelus it was a small but very final skirmish,’ I said trying not to be distracted by her proximity.

Amie finally sat down and looked through the files. Together we found a description of the Grismon. They stood eight feet tall with a mouth that could swallow you whole. ‘Ugly, hate to see one of those on a battlefield or anywhere ’ Amie shivering involuntary ‘Hey is that your father,’ noticing him in a group picture.

Their names printed at the bottom of the image, CDR Henrik Borvine moving along the names I found mother LT Zia Winter ‘looks like both were there maybe they can give the details on those beasts’ Amie looked pleased spotting something I hadn’t noticed.

This just provided more questions, I continued scanning the texts. The large Grismon can cut through armored tanks with just their claws on some images on file showed them ripping armored personal carriers (or APC for short). Their exoskeleton can handle most weapon blast, one weak point noted on file showed a small opening in between the neck bones leading directly to the throat.

I was so engrossed I forgot Amie was there ‘you like this don’t you’ Amie said, bringing me out of my reverie, but before I could reply.

‘Where is my bookworm of a brother’ Varak boomed, as always, he liked to break the rules even simple ones like silence. A loud thud and there he was right beside me ‘you know you will break that head of yours with all that reading.’ Varak looked over and spotted Amie ‘hey there Amie, looking amazing as always. Remember Amie I’m the good-looking one’ he said staring.

‘Devin, your brother is loud in a quiet place of contemplation and study. Sadly, the concept of silence in the library is lost on him’ she said, I giggled a little Varak looked crushed by Amie words, she walked away from us while Varak and I followed her derriere out of the library.

‘What happened there’ he sounded a little shocked I laughed loud this caught Amie’s attention enough for her to look back and flashed another one of her dazzling smiles before she disappeared through the door.

After school, we headed back towards home. Varak exhilarated from his Gravball win charged away back through the forest. In his excitement slowing down didn’t seem an option, so determined to get home and tell father everything Varak nearly fell down the gorge we recently passed on our way into school Varak leaped too early, from the lack of height he would fall short.

From behind I saw the danger, stopping for a moment I concentrate on lifting Varak with Kensei. I created a pocket of concentrated particles for his foot to use as a midair ledge. He landed on the other side pleased with himself ‘did you see that brother, I cleared the gap by another meter’ I could only breathe heavy and give a light wave it had taken a lot of concentration to lift him.

Varak sprinted away again thinking he was improving. I never would tell him the truth, it would hurt his feelings. I was grateful for mother teaching’s in Kensei and that even achieving a small result brought a smile to my face.

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Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on and . Albert enjoys gaming with his son and records them to replay on .



About the author. Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing, creative arts and news

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