Beginning of the end Chapter 5

On the fringes of the galaxy, a planet crumbles slowly into a black hole. Time is slow here, everywhere beyond the dark hole in space moves fast, so many years, days, minutes have passed in a blink of an eye and still, I’m stuck in this hellhole. Angry at those who tried to destroy me, my one thought running through my mind, revenge on a lady I trusted, the one that sent me spiraling down to this eternal grave, betrayal, and anger I held in my very core for her. I am a legend among the praetorians, a savior saving countless lives and worlds when I returned everyone was wary of their hero to avoid their stares. I traveled to prove there was a greater enemy out beyond our galaxy into the void, others understood and followed me into the darkness of the void none survived, they were weak, in the end, I loathed the galaxy I left behind I could see all of them weak, feeble, pathetic. The void drew you in with more power, more pleasures, beings that created growth through destruction, controlling everything through strength was their way. I wanted the galaxy to follow these rules make them become something greater. The strong survive, the weak will perish, and soon I will show the galaxy what power is because the answer for my salvation lay before my eyes. Two ships arrive and they left one there waiting like a beacon for the galaxy’s greatest fallen hero.

Showing up out of hyperspace two ships identical in make and model ‘ok Trent bring the ship into dock’ I was a determined man to be in and out before anyone spotted us. This area was closed off by the empire.
‘Ok Karvar docking ring connected and sealed’ Trent called back on the Comm’s, the two ships bump together, getting up from the pilot chair and moving to the airlock, looking up at the pressure gauges they hadn’t sealed yet.
‘Come on you, damned if I will be trapped in a black hole,’ I said to myself impatiently. The light went from red to green. Going through the umbilical cord connects the ships I had to hunker down being over six feet tall and massive with muscle doesn’t help in tight places I thought, reaching the other side the door opens to see a small, slender man that could probably use a meal ‘Trent are you sure this is where he is’ he just smiled and headed to the pilot seat. I should trust his data-gathering skills he is the best hacker in the galaxy.
‘Am right, when have I been wrong Karvar, you may be skilled in combat, my big friend, but my mind is sharper,’ a smile flew across his face of Trent ‘according to the data files from the imperial library this was the last known trajectory of the Tirade,’ I sat in the copilot seat next to him
‘Good, very good out of everyone one I know I can trust on this is you’ I said, wondering if we had enough time to escape the gravity well, I could see the black hole through the side portal, Trent turned to the flight controls, a slight shimmer ran through the ship the black hole gravity starting to pull
‘Karvar why do you want to free a monster on the galaxy’ I sat there quietly for a moment, thinking after all these years of trying to seek revenge on those who pushed me aside
‘It’s all about revenge, plain and simple I want to hurt those who hurt me, now let’s get on with the plan’ Trent push the button to detach the docking ring and pushed power to the engines in a flicker of movement, they disappeared back into hyperspace.

After my break under the tree, I finally got back up on my feet for training can’t let myself or the family down ‘it’s time to refine what you have learned’ father said, mother step towards me and place her hand on my stomach.
‘Now I want you to pull the energy into your core I want to feel the flow’ mother smiled that, trust me smile, I drew in energy, but something seems to have restricted the flow before I asked mother for an explanation she spoke ‘you may find it harder to find your Dengen I have blocked the direct routes, try to find the current through your veins or your blood, feel around’ I started to explore my body receiving the faint glimmers of energy in the corners of my body ‘that’s it search every part’ I became suddenly exhausted and fell to the ground it was a hard day.
I looked up at mother with tired eyes ‘are you ok Devin’ breathing in again the restriction mother had done on my body seems to fade and I managed to stand back up

‘What did you do to me,’ I asked
‘It’s a Chikara defensive technique on your body, it’s a way we masters can defend against a user of the Dengen arts. This ability is also useful in power control, you countered this by refining how you generate energy from your core process if you can still attain the same level of power while in this reduced state, you will create all those enhancements using less while maintaining more than enough for attack and defense, shall we try again’
‘So this could strengthen my capabilities’
‘Let’s try it again’ I said, eager to improve.
The day dragged on; I failed several times for lack of stamina and at one point I managed to create a small defensive shield while mother tried to thwart me at every turn it became a battle of wills with mother being triumphant,
‘Well done Devin, amazing, I felt your struggle and your ability to adapt even grandma would be pleased,’ mother said this made me smile
‘I should go to bed’ I said the sun was disappearing over the horizon and I was extremely tired.
Falling into bed, I picked up a voice in my head it was Varak ‘, hey, what have you been up to today I heard a lot of noise in the backyard, was dad training again and did you get to read your silly book’ I felt a chuckle through our telepathic connection and didn’t want to elaborate on what happened today.
‘Nothing happened today, goodnight’ it wasn’t long after that I fell into a dreamless sleep.

Next morning Varak joined us at the breakfast table, he seemed to have recovered from his ordeal even though a little dark around the eyes, the morning went smoothly enough even with grandma test hanging over our heads. Varak half-smiled at me with half a face full of egg and bread
‘I guess you’re hungry after lying in bed for a day’ I said with a similar expression on my face except I was stuffing the ham down
‘Varak are you feeling ok today’ mother asked, she had been administering healing every few hours she laid her hand on the shoulders and proceed with the process again.
The dark circles under the eyes disappeared ‘thanks, mother, I want to look my best for grandma’ Varak said rejuvenated now and looking a lot happier,
mother sat back down ‘after breakfast, I think we should do a small exercise outside just to shake off the old cobwebs’ father said the whole morning seems to be going smoothly, I thought.
Out in the yard, there was a net set at six feet surrounded by a square of white energy mother and father on one side with me and Varak on the other ‘time for a bit of teamwork, you know how the game works, you two can try to beat us’ mother was trying to taunt us I remained calm as always
‘Am sure I can beat two old-timers by myself’ Varak wasn’t, he took the bait his bravado leeching out.
Mother created a solid ball with Chikara and tossed the ball to father, with a mighty smash the ball became a blur passing between us, we didn’t have a chance both of us weren’t even ready ‘one…. Nothing’ mother said, she threw me another ball out of thin air.
We moved as fast as we could one hit each time in passing the ball between us; we got it across the net. Varak with a smash to the ground, inches from the ground father knocked it back into the air, they moved fast. Faster than I can see, each time enhanced by using Dengen and Chikara, mother and father in unison with each other knowing where the other one was our parents passing and timing was always perfect, on the other side of the net, however, was a different story.

Varak made it personal trying to get each ball by himself, he wanted to be first all the time for him to deliver the final hit over the net or grabbing it before I even intercepted, with this strategy; we became easy to predict father would intercept Varak every time or my brother would be out of position for them to gain another point. ‘Brother if we are to at least get one point we will have to change up the plan’ I said breathing heavily Varak glared at me.
‘What do you mean all we have to do is get pass father’ there’s no reasoning with him some days he will keep hammering a wall with his head when you could have used the laser drill on hand?
The ball got served up again, my brother intercepted and passed it to me and I just let it land on the ground ‘what are you doing’ Varak furious

‘Sorry about that I was busy thinking or do you want to win’ I said in a mocking tone, Varak nodded one thing I can count on is Varak likes to win
‘What is the new plan’ I relayed the plan I got a small smile and a nod in return, mother started to serve up again, I quickly moved in knocking it in the air using telekinesis to change its direction a little higher Varak came in leaping high to smash it down putting all effort into the hit, the ball flew past stunned parents.
‘That’s more like it’ mother responded, Varak was smiling to finally realize he should listen to me, we continued keeping pace with them throwing our parents off a little, in the end, we still lost but we gave a good account for ourselves
‘Not such a pushover as we like dear, they are both learning well,’ father said

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About the author.
Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on and . Albert enjoys gaming with his son and records them to replay on .



About the author. Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing, creative arts and news

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