Beginning of the end Chapter 9

‘That was amazing, I mean those illusions are so real I even felt exhausted and in pain, grandma is’ I jumped with excitement.
‘Amazing now will you calm down’ mother finished my sentence. Mother had rested her hand on my shoulder becoming calmer. We had all moved to the tactical room which was the central area of the ship. A display spun slowly in the center showing the capital in all its glory.

Father assumed the flight into space would give us time to relax after such an ordeal, my thoughts on that subject was the nervous looks the parents gave each other. Varak was in the corner still not understanding it wasn’t real. He was sulking a little, I saw.

‘Why was it an illusion’ Varak said for the third time I didn’t want to explain to him that if the test was real, he would be in a lot more pain than a troubled mind.
‘Come on brother if you sat there all day, you’ll screw up your mind,’ I turned back to the worried-looking parents, they spoke in hushed tones ‘how does grandma make illusions, especially ones that powerful and do we take the test again when we reach station one,’ they both looked concerned now.

Mother was the first to talk ‘Devin you know’ she paused for a moment ‘illusion are very hard to control’ father stepped up into the flight deck, ‘sometimes you have to know the person. The ones you experienced was the use of emotions and imagination that’s already in your head’ she tapped a single finger on my head ‘they use your fears against you which would wear you down, in the rare case being trapped by fear can leave you so paralyzed you never come out’ I looked over at Varak thinking about any nightmares I’ve had, the gargoyles and the wall of lightning that chased us must have come from his mind, the metal warriors from father’s training must have been mine I guessed.

Maybe Varak was more shocked than I was he was being chased by his nightmares. ‘How do you create the illusions in the first place’ determined to still learn? The ship entered hyperspace I could feel the slight jolt as the ship entered.

‘You have had no skill in Chikara and may not have the ability most are one or the other, but we can try the simplest form maybe something like this’ upon mother’s hand was a bubble she knocked it up and then landed it back on the hand, pop and it disappeared. I smiled, readying myself for instruction ‘as you have just seen, it’s a small, simple memory, first you need to visualize the object in your mind, now the core energy of Chikara you must find amongst the harder physical energy used for Dengen, this source of power is softer, subtler, more spiritual in nature can you feel it?’ with my eyes shut I looked deep within myself the Dengen was easy to spot being vast and everywhere until I felt a faint flutter of energy could this be what mother was indicating?

Mother continued ‘that’s good it is small but looks like you have some to play with. Use this to create an object, you have to first visualize and feel it out your creation,’ her voice became a little excited ‘good now blend and merge it with Chikara,’ her hand touch my shoulder ‘yes, you are there, now bring it to life coax it out slowly,’ emerging from my hand was a small gargoyle roaring like a baby tiger ‘well done, now that you have your object you need to show it,’
‘What do you mean, you can see can’t you,’ I became confused

‘I can see it because I am touching you and making a connection, that’s one way to show your illusion the other is to connect with the mind like in a telepathic thought it’s the same unless they block you or put mental barriers up,’ I began connecting with Varak for him to see my illusion it was easy enough because of the bond we shared since birth.

Varak looked up, seeing the little monster in my hand, he jumped upright until he realized it wasn’t trying to rip his head off
‘How did you do that’ Varak said I lost my concentration, it disappeared from my hand.

I was still pleased with myself ‘talk to mother, she’ll get you through it’ I said, walking off to the flight deck to visit father.

Upon entering, the light streaming through hyperspace was hypnotic. I removed my gazes away looking at father on communication system he was talking to someone on the screen a man who had a patch over his eye ‘I’ll be there soon’ father said and the screen shut down and turning back to the flight controls ‘will be at the rendezvous in an hour son’ he spoke without turning towards me
‘Where are we going anything exciting’ I said, hoping for a new adventure and maybe something to tell Amie when we got back.

‘Work when you become a praetorian you understand that things are never smooth, but it could also be exciting,’ finally, he turned smiling at that last comment.

The ship ripped through space as I moved in the back Varak looked at me imprinting his illusion for me to see a small metal ball which seemed to defy gravity ‘nice’ I said pleased that he grasped it just as quickly.

Varak blue eyes glowed a deeper hue almost black. ‘Where we headed’ Varak asked he also knew the home wasn’t our destination, the flight was way too long.
‘Somewhere, a man, with a patch over his eye’ I said it like I knew more than my brother he took the bait eager to know more

‘Oh its Bracken, wonderful man can’t wait for you to meet him’ mother spoke before I could annoy my brother and she headed to the flight deck leaving us to train.

The Stormbreaker came through hyperspace halting in one spot looking out of the port side I looked at nothing but stars ‘Devin you got to get over here’ Varak was on the starboard side looking through the portal with a massive grin, viewing outside a giant ship making Stormbreaker feel like a Nano-bot.

Memories from my studies in the library, made me realize this was one of those famous Titan class warships beyond the massive imperial ship was an orange planet it looked like a desert planet.
‘Where are we father’ I asked?

‘Halever, nothing but an old planet full of sand and the ship you notice there is called the Warfire, one of the finest Titan class vessels you will ever encounter.’ his voice excited.

Our space yacht ambled around, we finally maneuvered into a landing bay which contained thousands of starfighters. Varak and I moved to the front with our parents, father at the controls and mother talking to someone flight control, presumably and while landing I spotted walking across the landing bay in armor was the man with the patch over his eye.
Father had finally landed the ship, shutting Stormbreaker down and rushed to meet the man. I followed quickly down the rear ramp of the ship watching the two men meet both smiled, hugging and patting each other on the back.
Mother moved at a regular place with Varak his face couldn’t stop staring at everything in this place, looking at the roof of the hanger there was another set of starfighters clamped up, down the bay, sparks flew off them while engineers repaired or ran the routine maintenance, amongst the starfighters, was two medium-size cruisers.

‘Wow, this place is huge how many are in here’ Varak showing his excitement, that got the attention of eye patch.
‘Hundreds, thousands, if the cruisers weren’t there, but I like extra surprises for the enemy, even though a Titan class ship can handle itself someone always wants to take a swipe at one, allow me to introduce myself my name is Colonel Bracken.’

Staring at him the patch was a distraction the man looked normal enough, except the armor, it gleamed brightly apart from the odd dent showing its use; the armor looked amazing. I had to stop gawping at the man and introduce myself ‘hi am Devin my brother Varak’ I held out my hand, he took it in an armor grip servos whirring complemented the movement.

‘Nice to meet you, Devin,’ looking over my shoulder at my brother ‘maybe you’ll fly one of those when you become a praetorian,’ he said to Varak.
Varak just nodded, still awe-struck ‘come can’t stand around here all day’ Bracken said leading the way through the landing bay.

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