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Beginning of the End Chapter 39

Albert Hugh Articles
8 min readApr 8, 2022

‘Are you excited’ mother asked me while tying the knot in my tie she was positively jumping with excitement while I looked over myself in the mirror ‘you look so handsome Devin am sure Amie and you will have a great time tonight’ she prattled on while I felt just as nervous the first day I met Amie in the classroom.

‘You’re looking good brother, mother can you grant us a moment allow us, men, some time,’ Varak said

‘Yes, of course,’ she went smiling, leaving us both alone.
‘Well’ I said

‘Well’ he said we both reviewed ourselves in the mirror looking and smiling we were both in suits, mine was a dark navy-blue color while Varak was classic black

‘At least we looked the part, you taking Felicia to the dance’

‘Yes, she pestered me into it over the last year’ he smiled a little ‘plus Felicia not bad on the eyes either’ Varak continued I gave him a little nudge Felicia was one of the most attractive women at school hardly surprising because she is the team leader for the gravball cheer squad ‘Amie and you are finally getting a little serious it’s about time I got someone just as nice’

‘Yes, I am head over heels, but acting cool about it,’ I said still nervous.
‘Of course, Devin you’re now the coolest guy in town,’ Varak teased we both laughed aloud

‘Shall we not keep the ladies waiting’

‘Someone sounds a little eager’ Father said stood in the doorway ‘you’re both sharp, now we had a knock on the door, I believe Devin’s date is already here,’ being surprised to hear that, I meant to meet Amie a little later.
‘Am I sweating’ I said, feeling my body warming up

‘No, you’re fine, just relax I can hear your heart pounding from here,’ father said sympathetically my brother slapped me on my back.
‘You better get going can’t keep a lady waiting’

‘Thank you’ I headed from the room, down towards the living room, before me a vision. Amie stood there in a pale blue dress; her hair was flowing down her back as she turned Amie looked at me.

‘I approve’ she said I stood there without a word to say Amie was stunning.
‘Come on, brother, I…

Albert Hugh Articles

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