Beginning of the end Chapter 38,

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Meet the hier.

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‘Let me guess this one is not interested in the throne’

Sougata looked happy with the comment ‘yes, princess Amaneet doesn’t play royal games, killing off good troops for the fun she has no power at the moment, Amaneet does what she can,’ he pointed at the little ones she was feeding.

The princess had a familiar presence, and I started trying to place the image, then finally it clicked, she bared a resemblance to an old friend ‘she looks like the queen who died’

‘Her majesty is the firstborn of our beloved but departed queen I hoped you might have recognized her, Amaneet being purer not like those upstairs’ Sougata spat in disgust at the others
‘Has she entered the competition’
‘Amaneet wanted to but her champion became ill and cannot fight, which has conveniently well-timed,’ Sougata looked unhappy again

‘Can anyone be the champion to the princesses’ Sougata looked puzzled
‘I have seen no one fight other than the Krotki troops in the arena’

‘Let us go ask’ I strolled up to the milling children slowly moving them aside, I would rather force them out of the way, the slimy little things. As I approached, the guards moved forward, their weapons coming to rest a few feet before Amaneet, she raised her bulbous head from the child and gave me a long hard stare,
‘You smell familiar do I know you,’ Amaneet said

‘You were probably a little one when I first met your mother my name is Joshua Drake she and I had an agreement once and sorry for your loss’ I made a small bow never worry about boosting someone’s ego especially when you want something from them.

‘She mentioned you from time to time, you saved her life from a pack waskuls on Fargus when her ship crashed, you saved her while you were clearing the last of the enemy from that retched planet,’ there was a hint of respect the way she said it.

‘At the time I didn’t realize she was the queen of Krotko all I noticed was a damsel in distress, apart from a dress torn in the conflict…



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