Beginning of the end Chapter 37

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5 min readMar 31, 2022


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The Krotki homeworld Krotko had evolved while I had been away, for the worst, when I first visited this planet all those years ago, the air was cleaner and with less traffic back then, now it became a smog-filled choking world with little to no breathing room, ‘Joshua, everything changes for the worst’ I said to myself finding my bearings, I steadily walked in the general direction of the palace on my way I passed mining shafts which double as homes. One thing that hasn’t changed is how Krotki residents huddle together like ants or termites in the forest, there is no space to walk or stop you ended up being pushed aside or pulled along with a crowd, to prevent this I place a barrier around my body to deflect traffic, most Krotki sense the energy through receptors on their heads. Krotki can use more than sight to keep away from danger, allowing them to evade the shield wall I created ‘damn that wretched thing’ a child Krotki bounced off the shield, leaving him dazed on the floor, his family member scooped him up quickly removing him from my path ‘even here civilization has broken down’ I muttered again.

Upon reaching the steps to the main palace and the seat of power for the Krotki. The building still soared above the mess, untouched by time, several spires disappeared into the murky clouds above leaving everyone outside the main walls to fend for themselves.

Staring at the gates, I notice the guards wearing a red sash across their chest I giggled a little at that it was blue last time; I guess there would be a different bloodline in charge, sadly the mindset would be the same with these primitives.
Stepping up to the guard closest to me they moved to block my path, a clicking noise came from the nearest guard holding a wicked-looking ax, which would happily go through his head if he wasn’t careful.
‘State your business ’ the left guard spoke first,

I looked at him thinking about what I should do, being away so long they wouldn’t remember me on the other hand ‘my name is Joshua Drake I will speak with your ruler now’ the name had the desired effect on the second guard clicked.

‘How can we prove it is you,’ he said?
I smiled ‘you have two decisions, you can call an old servant, I…



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