Beginning of the end Chapter 14

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A few hours later packing bags mother called us back to make our way down to the blue seas of Rolshar, with a goodbye from the colonel and an honor guard, consisting of well dress individuals with Rosco in charge of the mini parade, Father spoke to the parade, some troops there fought alongside us and he acknowledged them. A few more exchanges from father and couple of them being joke’s, made the soldiers laugh others among the parade smiled.
Disembarking the ship inside a military carrier carrying nothing more than soldiers ready for a break. The vessel moved far enough away for our family to eventually see the Warfire from the outside, I saw scaring from the battle along its flanks. Both pirate vessels still connected to the Warfire undergoing repairs. I saw space suits floating around the vessels tinker away plugging gaps, the engineers moved like bees swarming its home.

The troop carrier started to shudder a little while moving through the atmosphere of the planet and bounced a little. The sturdy vessel finally drove its way through and the ride became smoother, much to the delight of some queasy looking passengers. The clouds parted and below the glittering blue oceans appeared, I observed some large aquatic wildlife it appeared gigantic, that can’t be possibly one animal anything that big didn’t exist.

Swooping low over the waters I picked out a small group of islets in the distance.
I read about the planet and its people this is an area with a few topside restaurants while you wait to get to the underwater transports taking you to the many
vacation resorts under the ocean.

Once landed and alighted from the troop carrier father sent me to check in with the agent at the counter, I scanned my thumbprint confirming the agreement and obtained a ticket; The agent said it is coded this to a ship that would take us to the resort. Lots of couples and families waited in the sun on the small beach others stayed cool in the shade at one of the many restaurants waiting for the ticket to buzz indicating the transport had arrived.

My parents found us all seats in a restaurant called the turmoil waters, it wasn’t nearby to the docks, but it had a nice few of the beach area. I placed the ticket on the table while Varak faced towards the beach admiring the view, especially towards the women laying on the sand something about their skimpy swimsuits caught his eye, one, in particular, a lady in a blue bikini playing volleyball, very she had all the perfect curves, in all the desirable places, Varak paid specific attention when she reached for the ball, I think he was hoping the tiny bikini top would give way; she jumped high stretching for the ball, the swift movement left his mouth open in anticipation, sadly for him this was short-lived, to his dismay everything held in place.

Father bought us all fruit drinks they tasted sweet with a nice tangy aftertaste, ‘which resort we are going’ I asked, hoping it was starlight the resort I had heard about from one of the crew said it had a glass tower reaching out of the water, enhancing the view to the stars, with the only light coming from the sky and the length of the scope I was told you could see other galaxies.

‘Well, we haven’t chosen yet your mother, and I was thinking the nesters’ resort’ father said this causally he pretend not to notice our reactions around the table, Varak also looked unhappy the starlight also contained the most games on the planet even the water version of gravball this always had him interested. The Skujins are the best aquatic species at this version of the game.

‘Well, I might be persuaded to try out the Starlight, looks nicer their’ mother cut in, we both grinned at mother indicating where we wanted to go.
‘But the advertisement looks noisy, the place doesn’t look relaxing,’ father said smiling a little.

Varak began looking at the girls on the beach again. I guess he’d given up on the whole conversation, nesters probably where we will end up it wasn’t bad, the place had marine life, and as the name implies it was the main place for the animals to nest and give birth. The ticket glowed and buzzed on the table father quickly snatching it up not allowing anyone to know the destination.
‘Ok its time, come on you two don’t sulk, you’ll miss the boat,’ father said, both parents moving away.

Varak pried his eyes off the blue bikini lady she was adjusting here top getting ready to sunbathe, we drifted behind them with no excitement hoping for the best, on this trip.
We eventually moved around to the last shuttle, father produced the ticket while we both checked out the destination board, I jumped in delight it was the starlight resort transport.

Our family found seats on the submersible craft with ease from its remarkably spacious interior you could carry three times the amount of holiday goers. There was the regular seating you find in most transports with one considerable difference, the whole seating area is surrounded by an outer glass screen to observe the ocean.
With the added entertainment in the center, it contained a bar, gaming table, and a screen displaying the latest gravball games. The vessel moved off from the docking gate and the lights dimmed allowing the eyes to adjust for the darkened view outside, at first all we encountered were a few divers and some small aquatic life. As the vessel went deeper, I thought something loomed in the darkness, only when the searchlight moved around catching the shadowy creature in the lights making a few passengers jump back. The passengers all caught sight of a fish bigger than the craft the jaws opened up snapping hard onto the fish it was hunting, the impression made me believe that if this fish wanted to, it could swallow us whole ‘don’t worry kid carruba don’t like metal’ a random patron said to me.

I smiled back a little nervously taking his word for it; the carruba ripped its prey in two and gulps down the rest within moments then it disappeared.

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Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert enjoys gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.



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