Beginning of the end Chapter 10


Bracken spoke about parts of the ship the description indicated the Titan is more powerful than several destroyers, he also explained about the hundreds of weapon placement, the forward beam cannons, and the vessel’s defensive capabilities, my brother and I soaked up the information. I looked in the doorways watching men and women working away; I tried to remember the tech books over the years, recognizing weapon parts; I passed monitors containing ship information.

I even overheard Bracken saying ‘older Titan models used to have six main generators, but the reliability was never there, so they upgrade these newer models with eight making it easier for power distribution,’ he continued while we moved through corridors, traveling up the elevators making it to the bridge.

I looked around the busy bridge personal moving around or working at one station or the other, at the rear of the bridge what looked to be an engineering section to the right communications a lady walked by I saw a badge on the uniform stating weapon systems operator, she headed to the left side of the bridge. Our group carried on making it to the captain’s room just off the bridge all was quiet in here when the doors close behind us.

Glancing around the room the Colonel had made his mark, at the end of the room it was the usual desk and chairs with stacks of data files and old mugs probably containing an old caffeine drink, you could smell it lightly in the air, on the shelves there laid model size ships one was of the cruiser in the landing bay, I moved closer to read the nameplate.

‘Galant’ I whispered, moving along I came across a starfighter type it was a thunder class called, ‘Star Ripper’ and the final being the Titan Class ‘Warfire’.
Turning away from the models I notice the adults in the room were talking seriously about something, I focused my attention.

‘The unknown yacht that we faced wasn’t a standard type it had mounted turrets, the engine signatures wasn’t a regular pattern either, but that’s not strange in this day and age privateers do upgrades all the time to their ships trying to surprise us, but the only reason I called you here is because of this.’

Bracken turned the screen of his a computer video showed the view from the bridge, a smaller vessel in the distance with starfighters swirled around the target and suddenly a bright light from the display it showed a torpedo had launched from the evading enemy, I could hear the command to take out the torpedo and it exploded after the dust settled leaving behind a wall of energy and light which began to expand.

‘An EM Wave’ father’s voice sounded unbelieving ‘that’s only used by the military and the Praetorians I don’t think there is a leak on the tech, this weapon is extremely new. I’ll have to check the records on Kariuki make sure nothing missing,’ father said while Bracken did something with his computer a few seconds later I saw a copy on a data slate next time which he handed to father.
‘Have you found someone these days’ Mother said.

Colonel Bracken looked up from his computer with a smile ‘do you ever not give up on your matchmaking’ he said in good humor

‘You know me, I like to keep an eye out for my old friend,’ she teased.

‘Between running a fleet of ships and protecting the empire you always want to throw a new lady in my life who have you got lined up for me,’ Bracken exhaled a little.

I guess he wondered what mother had in stall for him ‘nothing as yet, what happened with you and the captain I set you up with. My friend became annoyed at all those training exercises you kept being swept away on when she hinted on more than one occasion at some fine dining,’ mother gave him a brief glare which turned back into a nice smile.

‘The Zunic Captain Manika, lots of fire in that one a little aggressive though, she was kind of my type, but I think the fur made me sneeze,’ Bracken looked like Varak making childish excuses.

‘There is no helping you, my friend’ mother looked a little defeated.
‘Good now that’s over with I can show your children around the ship and if you like you should come with us to Rolshar for some R&R’ He moved from his desk, the armor whined quietly, his movements smooth, still I was curious about why the man lived in the suit

‘Why do you wear the armored suit everyone else is in a regular uniform,’ both parents looked at me like I step over the line

‘It’s only because I am half a man’ Colonel bracken stated with a light chuckle this immediately soothed the situation ‘Are you staying’ he said to my parents.

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About the author.
Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing and creative arts, his work can be seen on Amazon and Opensea. Albert enjoys gaming with his son and records them to replay on YouTube.



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Albert Hugh Articles

Albert Hugh Articles

About the author. Albert is an ex-royal air force photographer. He is passionate about novel writing, creative arts and news