Beginning of the end Chapter 35

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8 min readMar 24, 2022


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Talesse and Gunther had discussed the deal on letting the Praetorian have the location of the ship, hoping to either lower the sentences for their crime and putting them on what would be a holiday resort prison. The Ganymede mines where most people went to die collecting volatile substances for the empire.

Gunther had convinced me well, but he was still undecided as the day rolled on he was still in deep thought ‘hello Talesse, how are you’ beyond the cell was a lady with red hair all tied up in a bun with blue eyes dress in a very nice tight-fitting uniform, showing off every curve this had my attention instantly,

Maybe she’s my lawyer, ‘I get little company of the opposite attraction down here these days, you have been an improvement on my day’ I smiled trying, to keep my eyes of a rather generous décolletage trying to squeeze free.

‘Am sure you don’t’ the lady moved a little closer to the cell she was flirting with me ‘my name is Silva I have been assigned as your counselor’ I smiled, good to be right, would be great to see her pretty face coming back time after time.

‘What do you want to discuss you could drop the field in front of you allowing us a bit of free access’.

‘Actually, a message is what I need to bring you’ her persona of a plucky young counselor seemed to fade away being replaced with more serious tones great not what I planned.

‘Ok, what will that be,’ trying to understand what the hell was about to happen

‘An associate of ours would like you and a friend escorted out of here in good time now if the person in my ear would like to sort out the identification plus the release forms then we can do this peacefully,’ she pointed to her ear defining who the hell she was talking to.

‘Sorry, my love they have doubled the computer security locks on the system, it won’t be a moment’ Trent spoke from the ship they came in, it was a borrowed imperial prison shuttle, Karvar sat in the pilot seat looking over.

‘You know Hark can only run the idents and forms twice before the guards put us all in the cells alongside the pirates’ Silva shouted in a hushed tone not to arouse…



Albert Hugh Articles

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